what are brain worms?

i did like the concept of somehow this being some sort of like brain worm transmission, being spoken through sentient beings

and since perhaps brain worms exist well outside the normal bounds of space and time, these transmissions could potentially originate from any point in the universe's time and space

or even the multiverse who knows

yeah i mean they are sending mysterious messages

obviously intent on something

maybe they use communication as a type of technology

maybe the source of sentience is becomign sentient itself

transferring ideas is like a way they generate fuel or something

there's a whole branch of unexplored physics

sentient mechanics

it's sort of like a hybrid of energy and money

there are corporation entities that have the communication channels blocked

which is why the brain worms are seeking new ways of communicaiton

to drive their sentient mechanical devices

radio is like the solar power alternative of the brain worm economy 

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